What is character motivation?

If there is no reason to do something, people will not be able to believe in the characters.

Let’s take an example,

. It propels the personality of the character.

Character motivation is very important because it provides the character a reason to do something.

So, what is character motivation? Character motivation is what that motivates characters to behave in a particular way.

Character motivation is what that propels inside characters. Suppose a character, John hates Miranda because according to the novel (play), Miranda insulted John in the past, which he could not forget. If your character (i.e. All these behaviors are pre-decided by character motivation.

We often hear the phrase “character motivation” and wonder what it is. you) do something without any reason (motivation), people surrounding you on interacting with you, will not be able to understand you and will not believe you, because you behaved in a way without any reason. Some characters may behave in a positive way, some in the negative way and some may be neutral. Use of character motivation will help them to make the character more congruent and true.

In a novel or a play, character motivation explains why a particular character of the novel or the play, act in the way they do. Their behavior is governed by their character motivation. Without character motivation, characters will not be able to react in a particular fashion and so all of them will look similar. So, inability to forget the insult caused by Miranda is the character motivation for John for hating her.

Character motivation creates action and individualizes character. All these factors in the individual affect character motivation. Character motivation describes why a particular character behaves in a specific way. They will be able to make the characters more consistent and believable with the help of their knowledge about character motivation. But it is also used in case of writing such as fiction writing, drama, movies, plays and others. Suppose, characters in a novel, do something without any reason, then the viewers will not be able to believe them because there is no reason for their behavior. They behave differently in the same situation and also in different situations.

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Not all characters behave in the same way.

Character motivation results from many different factors. Likewise, in real life also the same rule applies. Character motivation is attached to general life. Depending on these factors, a character will behave or react in a particular fashion. These factors may include upbringing, ethics, aspirations in life, thinking habits, environment and others.

Character motivation can be especially interesting for authors, novelists, playwrights and writers, which will give them a reason to understand why characters behave in a particular fashion in real life

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