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Many companies both big and small have many less well-known competitive advantages. I think Solar has connections with aquaculture feed specialists for example, and Nash Baits have their own in-house flavorist.

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Many readymade bait formulations and recipes came from individuals who did certainly became well known but what were the individual paths of evolution in terms of bait design knowledge for people such as Geoff Bowers, Rod Hutchinson, Mike Willmott, Malcolm Winkworth, Geoff Kemp, Tony Miles, Kevin Nash, Gary Bayes and Ian Moore and so on? This is a question that I find very interesting indeed!

In the Anglers Mail this past week there was a piece written about catching your first big carp. For example CC Moore has been an animal feed specialist for 12 generations – and benefit from an enormous wealth of experience in feed formulation and in sourcing top quality ingredients etc from around the world. Think about it – what bioactive components are in some of the most well known flavours used in instant attractor baits? Some great flavours may be regarded as health promoters and even as metabolic stimulants among other benefits and effects. Part of the original success of Mainline was having strong links with the food industry. One of the gems of advice given was to only get your baits from big bait companies that you can trust. Well of course bigger bait companies have a good track record but guess what – it does not mean you cannot trust smaller companies because after all, the big companies of today were also small too!

A highly bioactive liquid or powder might be the cornerstone of the success of a readymade bait and the quality and effectiveness of a bait in terms of other additives and ingredients could well be a compromise to make profits. What were the true origins of Nutrabaits Big Fish Mix or Hi-Nu-Val and who were the individuals involved and their personal evolutions in designing baits! Dave Moore is obviously a very well known bait guy from the north of England but the roots of certain other mixes can be less than clearly documented and rooted in intrigue.

. For example how much psychoactive THC is in hemp used in fishing boilies – and what impact does this have on carp brain chemistry?

How do you know if a particular grade of soya is used or even what the digestibility of a fish meal used is, when used in conjunction with various other ingredients and additives?

Carp anglers are always being told to buy quality bait but ironically enough on a genuinely pragmatic levels relatively few anglers really understand how one bait is a better quality than another – or even how quality actually translates into something that is verifiable. Remember that even in small doses, certain substances exert great influence on senses and the function of the body. For instance does it mean that New Zealand lactalbumin has been used instead of a nutritionally inferior but cheaper alternative source and if so how on earth would you know as a readymade bait buyer anyway? After all baits catch fish for so many individual reasons.

But remember this; many of the most famous boilies of today and over the decades were not even designed by people running bait companies directly or who were not interested in the commercial side of carp fishing as much as others

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