rabbit malocclusion home treatment ?

he his a purebread lionhead btw.

i will take him to the vet tomorrow to check for any infections.

I have a rabbit teeth malocclusion. i dont live in america so there arent excactly special rabbit vets here only for dogs and then normal vets.

in shorti m wondering if i could fix it by cutting the bottom teeth so that the long upperteeth will overlap and therefore his teeth may go back to normal ?. as in the bottom front teeth are overlapping the upper teeth.

but as they are just barely overlapping i was wondering if i would cut the bottom teeth and not the upper teeth so that since the bottom teeth would become quite shorter than the upper teeth and they might go back and the upper teeth will overlap the bottom teeth?

Before i had a rabbit with normal but just overgrown teeth and i took him to the vet and they didnt do much

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