NBA Rumors 2014: LeBron James, Melo to Suns? Vegas pulls odds for 2015 NBA title

The Suns finished 48-34 last season and the addition of these two all-stars would make them a lot better!

While some online sports books like Bovada have odds posted on who will win next year’s title, many Las Vegas casinos have pulled them off the board and are waiting to see where stars like James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and others end up this fall. AZcentral sports reported on June 29 that if James declared for free agency the Suns would pursue him full force come July 1. The Suns landing James and Anthony this summer may seem unrealistic, but they do have the flexibility and the cash to do so.

The Suns don’t have the PR flash of a New York, Chicago or LA at first glance, but if they somehow, someway pulled off acquiring both James and Anthony, they would become an instant contender out in the desert. They also mentioned that James’ good friend Suns guard Eric Bledsoe may be able to convince him to jump from South Beach to Phoenix.

Many fans think James will end up back in Miami, but you never know! One thing NBA fans do know is that LBJ has a lot of clout in the NBA – enough to keep Las Vegas experts from posting odds on who will win the 2014-15 NBA championship! . As of June 15, Vegas Insider had the Heat listed as the favorite to win next season’s championship at 16/5 followed by the Spurs at 6/1. However with James, Wade and several others choosing free-agency this summer, putting money down on the Heat right now would be a sucker bet.

How could you wager on a team that has the possibility of losing all of its key players? It looks like even Vegas odds makers are waiting for the “Decision II” from LeBron James.

The Suns may have a secret weapon on landing James – point guard Eric Bledsoe.

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are by far the two biggest names available in this summer’s NBA free agency pool, but is it possible that they could really end up on the same team? According to a CBS Sports report, the Phoenix Suns have interest in both players

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