Don’t Be Fooled By Glamour Races

BUT, do it for fun. Perhaps ensuring the controversy about the track continues, Williams blamed track conditions for Ortensia’s third place finish.

So enjoy the drama and the races, and if you want to place a bet on glamour races like the Stradbroke, then go for your life. Again, all of this was just interesting background noise to people interested in using math-based software to win money. Check

Black Piranha was the winner, Ortensia managed third and in between was Danleigh. It made a difference to gamblers, but gambling isn’t what good racing software is all about.

If you were not following the controversy surrounding the run-up to the 2009 Stradbroke Handicap at Eagle Farm, do not worry because none of it made a difference to owners of mathematics based racing software. The important thing with these types of software is winning, not participating in hyped races.

In case you missed the goings-on in the lead up to the race, which many experts claim is the premier thoroughbred race on the Queensland racing calendar, one of the most persistent issues was which jockey would be riding one of the favorites, All Silent.

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Tommy Xenophon has helped over a thousand people Escape the Workforce with the right home business for them. In the end, rider and alley made no difference for All Silent. All Silent’s trainer, Grahame Begg, was quoted as saying that he had no preference which alley his gelding ran in. It pays a lot better than being part of the action in a glamour race like the Stradbroke Handicap.

These are perfect example of why users of probability based racing software paid no attention to the controversy surrounding the race. Software owners might find the controversy interesting, but instead of focusing on factors like the riders, horses, and track conditions owners of maths based program were able to enjoy their life and let the software and training guidelines take care of the rest.

That issue was resolved by Queensland stewards: Hugh Bowman was on All Silent instead of Craig Williams, who was on Ortensia. This was Bowman’s first ride on All Silent in a race. My website has more info on a home business that can provide you with a comfortable, realistic income from your own computer. With a finish like that, it would have been very unlikely to earn a decent payout.. In that way you can win $800-$1000 on a race at a country track like Ipswich. Also, there was the routine controversy about the condition of the track at Eagle Farm, due to rain. All Silent finished out of the money. There were other reasons, too, but the main thing to remember is that mathematics based software identifies races with high probabilities for big payoffs and this race was not one of those. Yes, it was an exciting race with top runners like Black Piranha and All Silent and a race purse of $1 million, but to users of mathematics based software that made no difference.

Why? Because the field was too large for the sophisticated system to green light the race. There are only a couple of systems that have been proven over a decade, but if you are interested in succeeding financially, that is the way to go. Then come back to a proven system

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