The most expensive college football ticket can be found here

Notre Dame football brought in nearly three times that average amount, or $86.2 million. 2, 2016 by Chris Isidore   @CNNMoney September 2, 2016: 3:21 PM ET

Fans will pay an average of $335.35 on the secondary ticket market to watch Notre Dame at home in South Bend this season, according to ticket tracker TiqIQ. The Alabama tickets are actually 12% cheaper than they were last season. 1 in price three of the last four years and were No.

Meanwhile tickets to watch defending national champions Alabama are a relative bargain at an average price of $142.28. Notre Dame’s home game that day vs.

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Total football revenue for the 146 schools with major programs came to $3.7 billion for the 2014 season, the most recent figures reported to the federal government.

The college football season starts this weekend. That makes them only the 21st most expensive ticket, despite the team’s recent on-field success.

CNNMoney (New York) First published September 2, 2016: 3:21 PM ET

The most expensive college football ticket can be found here – Sep. 2 Ohio State this season.

Notre Dame tickets are frequently the most expensive college tickets in the country. 2 in 2014, when they narrowly trailed Ohio State.

These are the prices that the tickets which are resold by fans, not what the teams get for tickets.


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While that’s little changed from what Fighting Irish fans paid last year, it’s 17% more than the average price for games at No. The team’s large fan base beyond those who attended the school helps drive up demand for tickets, along with prices. That comes to an average of about $30 million per school. 17 game when Ohio State visits Oklahoma will be the most expensive game in college football, with an average price of $687.86 to see the first Big Ten team to visit Oklahoma in 30 years.

While Notre Dame has the highest average ticket prices, the Sept. They’ve been No

Saturday’s best in college football

One fan is already ahead of the game in honoring the Head Ball Coach.

Wisconsin pulled off a huge upset over No. And now, the Sooners have fallen victim to the Kick Six.

Meanwhile, the University of Florida will honor Steve Spurrier tonight by naming the field at the Swamp after him. Western Michigan upset Northwestern, 22-21, marking the 11th straight season a MAC team has defeated a Big Ten team (every year since 2006). The Tigers’ frustration after throwing a late interception was manifest in a late hit by offensive lineman Josh Boutte on Wisconsin safety D’Cota Dixon.

The kicker hits the truck stick

Kick Six, The Sequel

When loving the Head Ball Coach goes wrong

After battling cancer, Pittsburgh’s James Conner made his triumphant return to college football Saturday.

Hey you, grab your uni

Michigan thumped Hawai’i 63-3, and sports icons Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter were there to see it. The Trojans handed Cal its only regular season loss in 2004, a 23-17 nail biter. Here’s everything you need to know.

Life after Dak Prescott got off to an ugly start for Mississippi State. Florida State got it.

Kickoff Week’s best photos

Maybe you have the kids today. Or you goofed up and scheduled that family yard sale for Kickoff Week. And also Mack is not there anymore [so] I can pick Texas again.”

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, these photos of the weekend’s best moments, including South Alabama quarterback Dallas Davis’ hurdle in the Jaguars upset of Mississippi State, are worth a look.

Some football wounds don’t heal, as former California quarterback Aaron Rodgers made clear as the guest picker on ESPN’s College GameDay.

Not to be outdone, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh stole the show when he had some words (or punches?) of encouragement for quarterback? Wilton Speight.. With Smith out for the remainder, Will Worth took over, but it was freshman Malcolm Perry who got the biggest surprise.

“I told coach [Brent] Pry don’t try to put him in the ‘Big Hit’ reel on defense, although he probably had the biggest hit of the day,” Penn State coach James Franklin said.

Talk about calling for reinforcements.

Rodgers picked Texas over Notre Dame, adding “I love the underdog. Mississippi State missed a 28-yard field goal with :06 left in the game. Welcome back, Conner

Navy starting QB Tago Smith was injured in the first half against Fordham. — Ted Miller

Some might recall that in 2004 Texas coach Mack Brown lobbied hard for his team to be promoted in the national rankings so it could eclipse Rodgers and Cal in the BCS standings and thereby earn a Rose Bowl berth. 8 USC. He’s 5-foot-10 and 260 pounds and he’s been paying attention in tackling drills.

At this point, Perry is just suited up for depth, but has not played yet.

Ryan Lochte, the “Warrior’s” and Lee Corso riding a tiger Check out the best GameDay signs from Kickoff Week.

Great QBs have great memories ?

Look, don’t feel bad OU, it’s happened to some great programs. With LSU’s loss to Wisconsin, it was the first time since 1972 that two top-5 teams lost on the opening weekend, according to Stats & Info. Alabama got it. Back then, No. Or perhaps that destination wedding your uncle booked didn’t account for college football’s return.

Kickoff Week started with a few upsets.

Conner scored in his 2016 debut in what will be one of the best stories of the year.

Stars come out for Michigan’s blowout win

Rodgers also noted he couldn’t pick USC to beat Alabama. Upsets alerted

Penn State’s Joey Julius isn’t your normal kicker. 4 Arkansas lost to No. South Alabama upset Mississippi State 21-20, the biggest upset in the last five years, according to FPI, which gave the Jaguars a 2.3 percent chance to win the game. His gambit worked, and Rodgers – and Cal fans – have never forgotten.

Regardless, you might have missed some of the Saturday action.

Well, it’s your lucky game day. 5 LSU (which you can read about here). 1 Nebraska fell to unranked UCLA and No

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