Casino Dice

The Greeks gambled for recreation. These include printing of alphanumerical characters on all faces of the casino dice except on one or embossing casino’s name or logo using a metallic foil. Ancient Chinese culture of over 2600 years inspired today’s cubicle shaped dice.

There are many types of casino dice. Used by many ancient cultures, dice are probably the oldest gaming instruments. In order to prevent substituting any of the casino dice with crooked die, special security features are included while making the casino dice. These are used for gambling with payoffs, also come in sets of three. Casino dice are made in such a way that they are perfect cubes with error margin of less than a fraction of a millimeter. All care is taken to fill the drilled holes on the casino dice with material equal to the weight removed. The dice used in the infamous gamble were believed to be made of the bones of dead humans! Romans were passionate gamblers. Crown and anchor dice are printed with a club, diamond, heart and anchor on them. The Indian Epic Mahabharata traced back to over 5000 years, unfolded due to the defeat of Pandavas in the dice game that triggered a war with their beleaguered Kaurava cousins. Both the ancient cultures of Greek and Roman used dice made of ivory and animal bones for gambling. Dice were found even in Egyptian tombs. This precision is to ensure that each die used in casino games has an equal chance of landing on any of its six faces. Similarly, dice are printed with different spots symbols printed on them.

Casinos don’t use just any dice available in the market. Casino dice are carefully made with utmost precision, as the stakes in casino dice games are very high. So casino dice are called perfect or precision dice. Bar dice or slots dice are the ones that are marked with slot machine symbols on them. These come in sets of three. As far as color of the casino dice is concerned, it is usually transparent red, occasionally available in green, blue or purple.

How casino dice are made?

Types of casino dice

Casino Dice

. Put and take dice which come in pairs have letters P and T and numbers in different combinations. Similarly Heart dice that come in sets of six have H, E, A, R, T and S in place of each spot. Death dice are the ones that have a skull in place of each spot. Some of them are: Poker dice, the ones that come in sets of five are printed with playing cards on them

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