Andrea Pirlo Signing With NYCFC Should Make You Happy

Pogba and Vidal are two of the most athletically gifted box-to-box midfielders in the world and did shield Pirlo from a lot of defensive responsibility at Juventus.

But he also wont be defending against Leo Messi and Neymar in Major League Soccer and being surrounded by great players certainly doesn’t condemn Pirlo as a defensive burden. Mix Diskerud is the favorite to work on the right side of the midfield diamond. When Diskerud has struggled this season, it has been when he becomes too static with his positioning. Hes one both a World Cup with the Italian national team and the Champions League with AC Milan, feats few in the game can claim.

Many voices have expressed concern about Pirlos fitness and athleticism, questioning his ability to defend effectively in Major League Soccer. His mastery in this facet of the game may be unmatched in the world of football. This is very true. Few have said that this current version of Pirlo is a player that must be built around in order to cover up his defensive flaws.

Pirlo will fit into this lineup just fine. The player affectionately known as The Maestro is a set piece wizard that will definitely take over on free and corner kicks. This is where Pirlo is at his finest, and his addition will add a new threat to the attack.

Accept It, This Is A Win-Win

Adding Pirlo will provide an incredible learning experience for the young players on New York City as well. Juventus occupied the same formation during his time with the club with Pirlo sitting at the back of the diamond, functioning as a deep lying playmaker. I mean, its Andrea Pirlo! The man is a legend and one of the best midfielders weve seen in the last twenty years. Hes played this role in the past for the US National Team and shows tremendous potential with it.

Sometimes sports fans and media have a tendency to overanalyze player movement and team building strategies. Andrea Pirlo is a great acquisition for NYCFC and Major League Soccer. He is joining a team in NYCFC that hasnt gotten a free kick on target in recent memory and is completely inept on corners. He has an unreal ability to provide quality crosses into the box and score on set pieces. He won the Serie A Footballer of the Year award for three straight years from 2012-2014 for crying out loud! The people who dont think Pirlo is a good use of the final DP slot would have found a way to be critical of any signing; dont let that negativity get to you.

Many critics like to mention that Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal will not be on either side of the midfield to protect him in the defensive third. And haters are going to hate.

Wait, Were People Actually Critical Of This?

Its hard to believe that this signing has to be defended. Andrea will most likely maintain the same position with New York City while Frank Lampard occupies the top spot right behind the forward pair.

On the other side Jason Kreis can consider a number of options but Tommy McNamura seems like the best man for the job. He is a truly unique player and it is really hard to find truly unique players.

Much has been made about how Pirlo will fit into this current New York City lineup. Lets not forget that we are talking about a man who was consistently playing all season for Juventus, a defensive juggernaut that only won the Italian domestic league by a ridiculous 17 points. He will make the team better and will be a pleasure to watch. You dont get to where he has as a player without versatility and multidimensional skills.

They Don’t Call Him The Maestro For Nothing

Andrea Pirlo also provides an element to New York City that the team has sorely been lacking. Pirlo has succeeded without the greatest athleticism for years, there is no reason to expect that to change now.

How Will Pirlo Fit Into The NYCFC Squad?

Pirlo actually appears to be a perfect fit for the 4-4-2 diamond formation that Jason Kreis has historically preferred to deploy. At his best, he moves up and down the field, showing great activity on both offense and defense. His athletic ability was criticized when Pirlo was 25, and those critiques will naturally increase now that he has just turned 36.

Look, no one is mistaking Pirlo for a defensive stalwart, but the perception that he is a liability it dramatically overstated. Hes only played a handful of games this season, but has shown incredible offensive creativity along with natural defensive abilities.

Andrea Pirlo will be a member of New York City for 2 seasons so enjoy. Also, only one other player on the field covered as much ground as Pirlo in the Champions League final against Barcelona.

Dont complicate the obvious. I encourage you not to do so in this specific instance.

This is a very good thing, its okay to celebrate it.

Nevertheless, the haters are still among us. The young midfielders on this team will improve from the simple osmosis of just being in the same locker room with a player or Pirlos caliber.. This role will require box-to-box movement from Mix, where he may be at his most productive

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