Vegas blackjack for novices I – why play blackjack?

Some players might eventually even consider aspects of advantage play methods (ie card counting ) if they truly desire to study and play the game seriously. Maybe among those reasons is that you’re clueless about how or where to play. Some of those suggestions will seemingly provide for miniscule reductions in house edges, but the cumulative influences will have a positive effect on player’s bankrolls for blackjack play in the long run. Perhaps you’ve never played the world’s most popular table game because you’re intimidated by one or several potential reasons. Our goal here is to present some decisions and tools that will allow players to play games that will have no more than 0.5% house advantages off the top. The intent here is to provide a beginner – level info base that will allow players to minimize losses while still enjoying blackjack play in Las Vegas.

OK..perhaps you’ve been to Vegas and played blackjack a few times. Blackjack (the standard traditional version with 3:2 payoffs for player blackjacks) provides one of Las Vegas’ best opportunities to acquire comps relative to other casino games.

Why play blackjack? . Maybe you’re savvy enough to be aware that amidst all the glitz, women (or guys ?) in skimpy attire, and free liquor that the casinos are actually presenting this surreal environment with one goal in mind…to separate you from your money. Inherent in many of these suggestions is use of plain old discipline in a place that’s generally undisciplined.

A recent review of insider, off the top blackjack house edges reveals a range of 0.19 to 2.02 % for Vegas casinos, which reveals huge differences in games, rules, and conditions for blackjack play in Las Vegas.


Charles Higgins

Another key reason to consider playing blackjack is comp accrual. Blackjack is indeed a game of skill in that player decisions can have a notable effect on reducing house edge and subsequently the monetary outcome of the game. Those decisions include use of accurate basic strategy, selection of the better games with more player – favorable rules, and application of assorted comp accrual tactics.

Casinos maintain inherent house advantages or edges (0.5 – 35+%) over all players regardless of the games they choose to play. That applies because blackjack is again a game of skill and player decisions have a direct effect on outcomes. That’s an obvious mathematical and real – world axiom, though there are advantage play methodologies for some games of skill that can allow players to reduce and even overcome house edges for a portion of actual playing time. All of those decisions are tools that players can use as frontline defenses against the casino’s perpetual assault on our gambling bankrolls. You have to accept a certain amount of that casino intent, but you can also utilize that as motivation to learn more and improve your individual game.

The balance of the Vegas blackjack tips that we’ll present here will inherently be based on making decisions that reduce house edge or increase player favorability, with the ultimate goal of providing approaches to retain more cash to burn on other Vegas vices / activities. Skilled blackjack routinely offers the lowest house advantage over players as compared to all other casino games off the top ; full – pay video poker (if you can find them), pass line bets with odds at craps, and banker-only bets at baccarat are other casino games that offer lower house edges for gamblers, but blackjack is generally considered the game with the most player – favorable odds.

This article series provides some tips and resources for those future Vegas visitors who desire to increase their knowledge base about playing Las Vegas blackjack games. Maybe you won a few bucks or, alternatively, the casinos thumped you badly enough that it inspired you in some way. Games such as roulette and slots are not games of skill, though there are gambling system marketers who would argue to the contrary

Casino-Gaming :: Horse Racing 101: When to Not Bet

One of the more important things to learn is when you should NOT place a bet.

* Do not bet in a Maiden race – a first race for a horse with no record . It is easy to get caught up in the fun once you start. If you enjoy betting from the comfort of your own home there are many sites online that allow you to do just that – was voted the most user friendly online horse racing website – they are US licensed also – which is a huge plus for safety and security (i.e. you will get your money when you win!)

If you have recently discovered the wonderful sport of horse racing, you may realize that you have a lot to learn. There is always a better race to bet on.

* Never place a wager in an Apprentice race. If there are none in the race, pass.

* If the horse is sweating, limping, walking with head down, or seems inattentive, weary and distracted, then there are less chances that it will win.

* Don’t bet if you cannot afford to lose.

Betting on the race can be exhilarating. They are very unpredictable and the results vary so it is best to hold off.

* Handicap races with more than 16 runners are unpredictable and you should skip the betting. There are some great apprentice jockeys around but you want a pro that knows what it takes to win the race.

* Do not bet in a race with more than 2 first time starters.

* When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it can be harder to choose which horse to bet on. You want to find a horse that has competed well in similar conditions in the past. These tips can stop you from throwing away your money. The whole point in placing bets is to win money. There are many things a beginner should educate themselves about before betting on a race. This is why it is important to learn when you should take a pass.. Now that you know when not to bet, you can begin learning about the other aspects of betting

Roulette For Beginners – free article courtesy of

So if you have always wondered what all the excitement was about, step up to the nearest roulette wheel and place a bet. Remember to always read the terms and conditions of any bonus before accepting it.

Dozen / ex 1thru 12 2 to 1

Split / Two numbers 17 to 1

Straight / Single number 35 to 1

You can place a wide range of bets on each roulette spin, offering a wide range of payouts. The most common wheel in the United States is a double zero wheel called American roulette. Here are the most common bets and payouts.

If you aren’t a roulette player, but have walked past a busy roulette wheel in a casino, you may have wondered what all the excitement and commotion was. They contain a 0 and the numbers 1 through 36. The American roulette wheel contains the numbers 1 through 36, a 0 and a 00. The house edge on a European wheel is about 2.5%.

Square / Four numbers 8 to 1

Column / All 12 numbers 2 to 1

High (19-36) or Low 1 to 1

Line / Six numbers 5 to 1

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Street / Three numbers 11 to 1

Odd Even Black or White 1 to 1

Line / Five numbers 6 to 1

This article was posted on February 20, 2006

With the growth of online casino play, more and more people are playing roulette online. Good luck!

Roulette For Beginners

 by: Wes Young

There are two different types of popular roulette wheels. This creates a house edge of over 5%. There is definitely something almost magical and mesmerizing about the spinning wheel and sound of the Ivory ball clinking around and finally settling into one of the pockets. Here is an introduction to the game of roulette for new players. . The wheel that is most common worldwide is a single zero wheel that is usually called a European roulette wheel. One of the biggest drawbacks for the online roulette player is the bonuses offered by most casinos can’t be cleared playing roulette

Premier League Blogs ~ OLBG Betting Blogs

5 May 2016 18:26

 By Epic in Premier League

Guess I should’ve been more pessimistic throughout the season. Lead by Andre Ayew, the Swans scored more than two goals for the first time this season. more

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West Ham Vs Swansea – Goals, Goals, Goals. Liverpool had quite an inexperienced side out, but it’s still a big result…. Thought that Swansea will get a football lesson by Liverpool last weekend, but the team responded to two bad defeats with one of the best performances of the season

Sports :: How to Select a Sports Agent to Represent You

. After you speak with a few certified sports agents, it is up to you to determine which agent is the best fit for you. In addition, the sports leagues will not divulge this information for any reason. The directory lists over 3000 sports agents from 10 different sports leagues and includes the agent’s name, address, phone/fax, email and website. In addition, the agent must maintain their certified status by paying renewal fees and attending continuing education seminars. Now more than ever, it is vital for professional and aspiring athletes to be represented by sports agents with the highest level of integrity who will always have their best interest at heart. I have personally used the website and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in contacting sports agents for any reason.

Today, sports agents manage much more than an athlete’s career, they manage virtually all aspects of their clients’ life. The one sure way to separate the want-to-be sports agents from the true established sports agents is if they are certified. It is very well organized, easy to use, and is up to date. Agents even handle financial investment opportunities and help with retirement planning services.

The four major sports leagues being the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL require that sports agents be certified by their respective players’ association before they can represent an athlete from their league. So how do you find a certified sports agent? That is the hard part. Determine whose personality you like best, who seems the most trustworthy, which offers the services you need, and which has the best career plan for you to follow. If you are going to entrust an agent with making career and life decisions on your behalf, you owe it to yourself to make sure they are certified. Well, there is one question to ask your prospective sports agent before discussing anything else. Not only do agents negotiate lucrative athlete contracts, but they also market their clients for product endorsements, promote their positive image by involving them in community activities and charitable events.

Over the last 15-20 years, professional athlete salaries have skyrocketed. To become certified, a sports agent must complete an application, pay various required fees, and have an athlete to represent. There is only one quick and easy way to find certified sports agents and that is the Sports Agent Directory.This online directory is specialized in listing only certified sports agents. This measure helps to insure a minimum standard for qualifications of the sports agent. For a minimal fee of $59.95, you get full and immediate access to the directory. These are decisions only you can make after meeting with agents face to face. Very few certified sports agents publish their contact information online or anywhere in print. Are you a certified sports agent Virtually anyone walking the street can say they are a professional sports agent and they have clients.

So with all of this at stake, how does an athlete choose the right agent to represent them

Premier League Blogs ~ OLBG Betting Blogs


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Read Blog . Liverpool had quite an inexperienced side out, but it’s still a big result…. 5 May 2016 18:26

West Ham Vs Swansea – Goals, Goals, Goals

 By Epic in Premier League

Guess I should’ve been more pessimistic throughout the season. Lead by Andre Ayew, the Swans scored more than two goals for the first time this season. Thought that Swansea will get a football lesson by Liverpool last weekend, but the team responded to two bad defeats with one of the best performances of the season

Nba Star In Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings

Jennings is a prime example of Urban basketball, and how the NBA pick their players. We all know about the great players that didn’t make it.

Brandon Jennings was seen as a risk by some NBA General Managers, Scouts, and NBA Coaches. Hopefully, Jennings understand that he is blessed ,and continue to show the world that he is worthy of the 14th pick of the NBA draft. Jennings has the ability to dominate and distribute the ball as needed. If I was looking for a leader, distributor, scorer and winner, I would start with Jennings. The dream of playing in the NBA, and fulfilling goals is not a easy task. Jennings is definitely a franchise changer and ready to lead the Milwaukee Bucks. Also, Jennings gained valuable lessons in life “Better know as experience” by playing in Europe. There seem to be a debate on rather Brandon was mature enough to play the point guard position in the NBA. There should be no questions now concerning his shooting abilities. Some people will perceive this as a sign of avoiding College academics or the 19 year old rule by the NBA. The rookie is showing the world that he is ready for prime time. Jennings last year in High School he averaged 32.7, 5.1 rebounds, and 7.4 assist. Jennings performances will probably set the stage for other players to skip college and gain experience overseas. Much younger than 19 years old. Obviously , Brandon choosing to go abroad and wait his turn was worth the opportunity. Life has a way of teaching someone the right way, and the incorrect way. I don’t know what some of the NBA scouts were reporting, but this kid can flat out play with the best. Brandon can probably appreciate the good life now that he is adjusted to the NBA lifestyle.

By: dewayne81362

Last but not least, Jennings is a talent with multiply abilities. The team is currently sitting in 5th place and continuing to improve.

Please refer to the link below, concerning additional information or questions.

Dewayne N Penney

Basketball Fanatic

In addition, Jennings is guiding the Milwaukee Bucks into the playoffs. Other athletes in other sports, such as baseball, hockey, tennis, skate boarding etc…turn pro at a very young age. Jennings can exploit any situation on the basketball court. The Milwaukee Bucks will be good for years to come. It’s good to see the Franchise bounce back, and have a player worth watching.

Secondly, Jennings became the first High School player to skip College and go directly overseas to play professional basketball. There are just a few point guards in NBA history that can actually claim that roll.

Article Directory:

. there has been a lot of hype surrounding him since High School. The Milwaukee Bucks are in the Eastern Conference, so seeing Brandon and LeBron James go at it will be worth the ticket. He is the youngest player in NBA history to score 50 points or more. I feel the age restriction rule was implemented to help out the Universities and exploit the revenue. I feel a individual has the right to pursue their dreams, and be able to provide for their family. That is very important for point guards to learn while trying to guide a team. He can get to any spot on the basketball floor. Some players have a gift to score, and control the flow of the game. Playing in Europe probably made Jennings grow up, and prevented him from slipping through the cracks. For example, Jennings scored 55 points against the Golden State Warriors on November 14th. At just 20 years old, I don’t think there should be anymore doubt about his maturity and willfulness to achieve greatness. The commitment from Jennings to play pro and make money is something that 100% of kids from tough neighborhoods would like to achieve. Although, His stats in High School was over-whelming and very impressive. He is young and with unbelievable composure at 20 years old.

First, Jennings has a explosive first step to the hoop. After all, he was named Naismith Prep Player of the year in 2007-08. If you factor in that life over in Europe is probably no picnic. He is learning to make better decisions with the ball, which result in better movement and touches for other teammates

Casino-Gaming :: Sports Betting 101

Irish football and Hurling are unique English sports.

While betting on any game what should be followed is your knowledge of the game and what your intuition or common sense says. For instance betting is taken to be legal nearly in entire Europe whereas Nevada is the only place in United States of America where wagering is deemed to be lawful. Remember, it takes time to learn and develop betting skills.

. Possibly no game is left virgin of betting. But this isn’t all. The betting policies for a particular game for example cricket remain approximately the same around the world. All games have bookies and wages attached to them.

Betting on sports is perhaps as old as the various games themselves. Lots of good information and even betting guidelines or tips about these games and many others like tennis are available on the Internet due to the legality of sports betting in Australia. This is because betting is legal in Australia and there are ample of sports that are cherished by the Aussies. A bettor should be pretty clear and confident over the option of his bet. Alike is the case with the countries across the globe. the National Association of Speedy Cars and Rednecks, involves million dollar wages or even more every year. The difference however lies in the fact that some countries have accepted betting and so have legalized it while others still consider it illicit. Along with the horse racing the racing of animals like camels, pigs, ponies and dogs invite great amount of betting in Europe as well as on the land of America.

Human beings have always made good business through animals. receive topmost priority. Many people love betting on the not so common game of Darts. Darts are also famous among the English. Cricket is the favorite sport in the Asian subcontinent. It can lead to unexpected snags. Like people in Asian countries are leaders in betting on cricket. Millions of people have made huge money out of betting on sports. Australian Football and Rugby are the two eminent names in this category.

Australia is one of the best places in the world to enjoy betting. But the geographical scenario does not bring much variation in the terms and conditions or the rules and style of betting. If an individual is making a bet for the first time, don’t bet big. Punters never leave The National Leagues, the National and International Cups, the Motor Sports like Formula F1 Racing, the IRL or the Indy Racing League and the NASCAR i.e. Rugby, cricket, golf and tennis are other English sports that invite lot many bookmakers and so bets. Thus that sport is wagered the most, which is relished, by maximum number of people. But in Europe and America games like horse racing, basketball, hockey, soccer and football etc. The English Premier League or one can say the English Soccer involves tremendous wagering in Europe.

But what differs with the place or country is the sport and the amount of bets placed on it. Betting is becoming a universal phenomenon nowadays. Ireland is the land that gives birth to the most of the English sports action | Hang Time Blog

Wow, if Oladipo had that kind of impact, the Magic should have won more games.

So instead of the trade being portrayed more as good for both teams – ESPN’s Chad Ford did call it that — it is being hailed as a win for the Thunder.


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: With Kyrie Irving and Harrison Barnes on board, Team USA’s roster finally looks set. This Magic GM is just as bad as the last one.”

With Rose gone, Forman instantly becomes the most polarizing member of the organization, lacking Butler’s popularity while eliciting the most emotional reaction. Since the day the Bulls replaced coach Tom Thibodeau with Fred Hoiberg — Forman’s hand-picked candidate — skepticism has surrounded a team whose dysfunctional decline only intensified the scrutiny

Everybody understood how badly Rose needed a change of scenery because of his incompatibility with Butler. “The players are like everybody else. A team likely to struggle on the court need not give fans another reason to look away.


No. An article even suggests that this trade moves OKC ahead of Golden State in the West. opted to gamble on youth. What is life like for Knicks’ prospect Kristaps Porzingis back home in Latvia? Esquire magazine with the answer to everyone’s most pressing question.


Instead of rolling the dice on acquiring experienced free agents to bolster the up-and-comers, Lindsey & Co. Neither player was particularly happy at times with their role last season.

“We’re not going to sit here and alibi. To articulate the Bulls’ biggest transaction of the post-Jordan era, Forman appeared alone to face questions. They skew the evaluation system.

Of course the Bulls did. They saw what happened last season and they know that we know that we need some reinforcements. So when a successful team completes a trade with an unsuccessful team, there might be some bias involved when folks on the outside evaluate the deal, tilting its apparent merits ever so slightly. There is a Minnesota media crush on Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio that might not be shared by new coach Tom Thibodeau and it has some in the Twin Cities fretting. 3: Reputations sway Orlando-OKC trade reax — Reputations matter. Every single sports team has injuries,” Lindsey said the day after the team’s 40-42 season ended a couple of wins shy of a playoff spot. The underlying theme in both scenarios is that Oladipo and Ibaka will be looking for new contracts after next season. How did the Bulls admittedly explore trading up for Dunn with the Celtics and Timberwolves without dangling Butler — whom both teams wanted?

The bigger issue that emerged is this: Will Bulls fans trust a rebuilding plan designed and executed by a man so many find hard to believe?

This is what happens when you lose as much as Orlando has the past four seasons: You lose credibility locally and nationally.

No. With a return to respectability the most realistic goal for 2016-17, the Bulls could use a little candor and a lot of transparency. Then consider Forman’s muddled confirmation of the Bulls’ interest in Providence point guard Kris Dunn, selected fifth by the Timberwolves

But Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey has even more in mind. Let’s face it. Trading Ibaka for Sabonis/Oladipo/Ilyasova? Advantage, OKC,” tweeted Skip Bayless of Fox Sports.

No. On draft day, teams in flux as much as the Bulls weigh a variety of options, which is what made Forman’s flat denial of [Jimmy] Butler trade talks so implausible. He’s used words like “active” and “aggressive” in describing how his staff will approach the upcoming free-agency period.

I get it: OKC earns the benefit of the doubt.

The trade made by the Thunder is largely considered genius because they’re contenders. The team had finished the 2014-15 season on a tear, winning 21 of their final 32 games led by a dominating defensive surge.

Orlando also is perceived as a somewhat dysfunctional franchise, and it’s not without merit. … To discuss drafting Michigan State guard Denzel Valentine, an excellent pick that created a positive ripple, Forman again sat solo behind the microphone.


Jazz seek depth | More straight talk, less Bull, please | Reputations sway Orlando-OKC trade reax

“We need to call the cops — OKC robbed Orlando,” tweeted HBO Sports’ Bill Simmons.

That means, if possible, acquiring more talent via free agency and/or trades.

Securing veteran playmaker George Hill — whom ESPN’s Zach Lowe described as “a really good point guard” — was a good start for this playoff-hungry franchise.

Why, all of a sudden, Oladipo has morphed into Dwyane Wade and Ibaka is viewed as a spare part. No metric accurately measures civic confidence, but experience tells me the Bulls rank lower in that category than any other professional sports team in town, at least rivaling the lack of faith in the White Sox. 2: More straight talk, less Bull, please — A year ago, it was the coach’s fault. At some point, it’s going to be management’s fault, even if the Chicago Bulls’ top-heavy down management style doesn’t acknowledge that. Lately, it’s Grrrrrrr, Forman. Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has a reputation for backing the suits in his front-office, be it with the Bulls or the MLB White Sox. We had talks like we do about moving up,” Forman said.

“If we do this the right way with the right character — and Quin’s such a good communicator — we’ll be able to manage the season better,” Lindsey said.

But when you have All Stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, any move the Thunder make tends to look brilliant. Chicagoans can detect BS as easily as they can spot red-light cameras, and they dislike both.

The Magic had, as [GM Rob] Hennigan called it, a “logjam” of wing players, thus making Oladipo expendable. They couldn’t keep Dwight Howard or — most recently — Scott Skiles from walking out.

“We liked him. But isn’t it fair to wonder how Hoiberg’s arrival exacerbated the problems that hastened Rose’s departure? And who is most responsible for Hoiberg coaching the Bulls? The same executive who just added “I Traded Derrick Rose” to his legacy.

Perception is a funny thing.

A lot of what you do will be panned by the public – no matter if essentially trading Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka makes sense for the Magic.

Forman comes across to those of us who know him as likable and funny, but you never will hear the words candid or transparent used to describe the Bulls GM. So do resumes. … “Ultimately, I’m the most responsible up here on the dais — not Quin, not the coaches, not the players — about roster construction.”

“I don’t bet against [Thunder GM] Sam Presti when it comes to picking players. The Thunder had a stable of big men, thus making Ibaka expendable. David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune looked at the Bulls’ monolithic approach and the growing distrust from many of the teams’ fans:

After I lauded Hennigan’s move, I received an-email from a ticked-off Magic fan that echoed others: “That’s a bad trade and a bad column. 1: Jazz seek depth  — The reported addition of George Hill allows the Utah Jazz to turn their focus to role players, according to Jody Genessy of the Deseret News, after a 2015-16 season in which injuries pulled back a curtain on a roster lacking depth:

Though Utah brass like their young core — including rehabbing Dante Exum and Alec Burks, both expected to be healthy by training camp — the organization has an offseason objective of fortifying the roster.

In retrospect, Lindsey took responsibility for not having enough depth on the Jazz roster in 2015-16 to help Quin Snyder deal with the unexpected rash of injuries that the team experienced, including to Exum, Burks, Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors.. Anything less threatens to turn people off. The deal made by the Magic is largely considered wrong-headed because they’re bottom-dwellers.

The Bulls have no worries related to attendance — the United Center regularly sells out — but the Rose deal reminds us that this is the wrong week to ignore how perception can shape reality in Chicago sports. What allegedly looks so lopsided to some doesn’t appear that way to Schmitz:

Yet the Bulls have left no doubt whom they want associated most with their latest plan to get past LeBron James. That’s what Orlando Sentinel columnist Brian Schmitz sees in the reactions to the Magic-Thunder trade in which veteran power forward Serge Ibaka was shipped to central Florida in exchange for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and the draft pick that became Domantas Sabonis. … Injuries — and a late-season collapse — made that plan backfire on a team that came oh-so-close but not close enough.

The Jazz’s plan last offseason seemed to make sense. Come early July, we plan on being very active in the free-agent market.”

Forman first sounded disingenuous when he insisted on saying the Bulls are retooling, not rebuilding. But sooner or later, general manager Gar Forman and VP of basketball operations John Paxson are going to face some measure of scrutiny and have to ‘fess up for the team’s underperformance the same way former coach Tom Thibodeau did in 2015 and the way Derrick Rose did with his trade last week to New York. This season, it was the players’ fault