How To Master Sports Betting

You shouldn’t favor a team because they are the team your best friend supports. It is only going to place you in a difficult position and as much as you might think it won’t be, your decision making ability is going to be compromised. If you are going to do it you need to do it properly and master it, it means you are completely organized and focused. For instance, if you are pretty certain that a side is going to win and they are getting good odds for this than take this. So if you suffer a bad break along the way, just remember it goes with the territory. Anything less than this and it is going to be a disaster. So do yourself a favor and swear off them. It’s all about accumulating winnings. You will be better off for doing so in the long run.

In the case of team sports, injuries are important. Travel is a factor such as when East Coast sides travel to the West Coast and vice versa. This means that when you place your bets you need to be thinking clearly and concisely. You can’t let the highs and lows affect you too much.

Look for value bets. Upsets are always going to happen but see when it makes the most sense when to go for that and when not to. Hopefully this kind of thinking will keep you grounded. Thus when you are doing well, you will still be focused and when you aren’t doing so well you won’t be thinking that it’s the end of the world. Over time, you will learn what it should be that you should be paying attention to.. On the flip side, you shouldn’t bet against a team because someone you don’t like roots for that team. It could provide great insight as to predicting what will occur.

Speaking of the long run, this is what you should be focused on. Also look into how sides perform the week after doing certain travel. Business is business and you need to be concentrating on who is going to win regardless of who likes and who doesn’t like which team.

Information and doing your homework is important, but you don’t want to full into the trap of information overload. Because of this point, it is probably better if you steer clear from any matches involving the teams that you like. What is the point of drowning yourself in statistics and research for what you could just as easily decided with a flip of the coin? So you need to sift through it all and just take the morsels here and there which are really important and make a difference. It doesn’t matter if it is pretty or not.

Sports betting is an easy way to make a tough living. The weather conditions also make a difference as they do in horse racing. You don’t want to lose money just because you weren’t on top of your game.

The most important thing is that you need to take emotion out of the equation. You want to know who trained and who didn’t

What is character motivation?

If there is no reason to do something, people will not be able to believe in the characters.

Let’s take an example,

. It propels the personality of the character.

Character motivation is very important because it provides the character a reason to do something.

So, what is character motivation? Character motivation is what that motivates characters to behave in a particular way.

Character motivation is what that propels inside characters. Suppose a character, John hates Miranda because according to the novel (play), Miranda insulted John in the past, which he could not forget. If your character (i.e. All these behaviors are pre-decided by character motivation.

We often hear the phrase “character motivation” and wonder what it is. you) do something without any reason (motivation), people surrounding you on interacting with you, will not be able to understand you and will not believe you, because you behaved in a way without any reason. Some characters may behave in a positive way, some in the negative way and some may be neutral. Use of character motivation will help them to make the character more congruent and true.

In a novel or a play, character motivation explains why a particular character of the novel or the play, act in the way they do. Their behavior is governed by their character motivation. Without character motivation, characters will not be able to react in a particular fashion and so all of them will look similar. So, inability to forget the insult caused by Miranda is the character motivation for John for hating her.

Character motivation creates action and individualizes character. All these factors in the individual affect character motivation. Character motivation describes why a particular character behaves in a specific way. They will be able to make the characters more consistent and believable with the help of their knowledge about character motivation. But it is also used in case of writing such as fiction writing, drama, movies, plays and others. Suppose, characters in a novel, do something without any reason, then the viewers will not be able to believe them because there is no reason for their behavior. They behave differently in the same situation and also in different situations.

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Bikash writes for Big Poker Star,which is a reliable and trustworthy poker review site that provides poker reviews, strategies, rules, stats and other resources to help you play better poker online and earn more money.

Not all characters behave in the same way.

Character motivation results from many different factors. Likewise, in real life also the same rule applies. Character motivation is attached to general life. Depending on these factors, a character will behave or react in a particular fashion. These factors may include upbringing, ethics, aspirations in life, thinking habits, environment and others.

Character motivation can be especially interesting for authors, novelists, playwrights and writers, which will give them a reason to understand why characters behave in a particular fashion in real life

Dice Game Instructions

That is not the case. When one scores above 21, he is ‘busted’ and barred from the game. Try keeping the fun as clean as possible.

Twenty One

This game is the equivalent of the famous card gambling game – blackjack. It is played with a single dice. When turns begin, the first player starts by rolling all his dice together. The others place bets on the result of their throw. If a person gets 3 and 3, his score is not 6, but 12. Every player in turn rolls the dice, and keeps on throwing till he decides to stop or gets a 1. Ten

This game is known by different names in different countries, like – dicey, spot, zarf and roll-ten. They are fun, interesting, and can evoke similar joyous emotions which people experience in childhood. Apart from enjoying with friends, they can be enjoyed with the entire family. Each player gets a chance to roll the dice. If the outcome of the throw, after adding, is less than 10, then all players lose the bet. A player continues to roll the dice till he gets a combined score of 7 on both dice. When a player decides to stop on his own, he scores whatever points he got before stopping. They can, at times, get addictive, especially the ones involving money and betting, which should be avoided. Keep a score-sheet as well to note down scores. People also come up with variations of this game by setting the target higher to 36 or using 2 dice.

As children, everyone must have played and enjoyed dice games. A variant of this version could be setting a target score in advance, and the first person to reach it would be the winner.. In case the total comes to be greater than 10, the banker is the loser and has to pay the others their betting amount. You can decide a target number before the start of play. Most of them can be played with as many players as possible to multiply the fun aspect, and the rules are extremely easy to understand and follow.


This will require every player to have five dice each. Since odds for the banker losing are higher, most players are reluctant to be bankers.



This game also requires a score-sheet and is played with a single dice. The winner is the first player who has set and achieved targets of all numbers from 1 to 6.

Sevens Out

A player’s luck is tested in this game, and is played with 2 dice. In case nobody reaches the figure, the score closest to 21 is declared the winner. The player who scores maximum points is the winner. The first player to cross 100 is the winner.

You can easily improvise and even come up with newer versions on your own. It is believed that this ancient gambling game from Rome was played by centurions responsible for Jesus’ garments during his crucifixion. If on a throw a person gets the same digit on both dice, the total is doubled while noting scores. E.g. The objective is to score exactly 21 by rolling as many times a player wishes and adding all corresponding scores. But playing them as adults can seem a little kiddish or amateurish to certain people. All numbers thrown before 7 are added up and this is the person’s score. The game continues until all 5 dice show the target number and are kept aside. One of the players throws all 3 dice at once. In case he stops at 1, it is not added to his score. A dice, or for few games, a score-sheet are the only things needed. 3 dice are required to play this game. Again, all dice showing his target number on top are kept aside. Once a player has achieved his target number on all, he chooses another number and the game continues. The second player continues by rolling his 5 dice. Every player gets a chance to be the bank. The best part is that there is minimal inventory required. It can be any number from 1 to 6. The dice which show the target number are kept aside

Tipping Slot Attendants In Las Vegas

Every time those casino policies have failed. Casinos want players to keep playing after they win a jackpot, not pack up and move to a competitor’s casino.

Just because I won a $500 jackpot does not mean that I am ahead $500. I also do not have to stumble with placing 2-3 quarters in her hand each time she brings me a new drink.

Most slot attendants will tend to be courteous, even if you do no tip them. Good tips can encourage great customer service. If your slot attendant is rude, cash out, talk to a floor supervisor, and then move onto a new casino.

If you feel that you have received excellent customer service in a casino and want to tip the person or people, then go right ahead. A lot of their income is based on tips. You should decide for yourself whether you want to tip a slot attendant. Each night the slot attendants play a game of numbers. Instead, the casino wants to verify that the win is authentic, and then have the slot attendant pay me my winnings.

Tipping slot attendants is simply the right thing too do.

The slot attendant will then stare at you, hoping for tip. I call hors manure on that. Further Thoughts on Slot Attendants

Whether you choose to tip the slot attendants or not is a very personal choice. Out of all of these customers, one may hit a jackpot. As For Slot attendants, the only thing they can do is be rude too you. Maybe in the old days, before all of this new computer generated tickets, I would consider tipping the slot attendant. You should never feel forced to tip a slot attendant. Explain to them how you won a mini-jackpot and was going to keep gambling here but instead you are taking your winnings to a different casino to play because you are tired of the slot attendant who is very rude too you, simply because you did not give her a tip.

The casinos that have tried to the no tipping policy have paid higher than minimum wage to their workers, but it was still not enough.

If this happens multiple times a casino will then either retrain the slot attendants in customer service skills or fire them.

The debate on whether you should tip your slot attendant or not rages on. That means I am still down $200, and the slot attendant wants a tip. They can point you out too machines that tend to pay off more often. I then usually receive many drinks and get them without waiting. Cash out your machine and find a floor supervisor or manager. On the same token, if you feel a customer does not receive a tip then do not tip them. For what? The slot attendant did nothing but take 3 minutes of her time to pay me my earnings. I tend to give a large tip too the cocktail waitress the first time I see her. It is very hard to survive in Las Vegas on minimum wage.

No, Don’t Ever Tip the Slot Attendants

I gamble my own money, I get lucky and win $500, and now I am suppose to tip the slot attendant who simply paid me the cash? It is a scam. Most of them will lose. Here are both sides to the story.

Yes, You Should Always Tip the Slot Attendants

Slot Attendants generally work for minimum wage. Slot attendants do not deserve a tip and never have.

Tipping is very personal, at the restaurant if you are not a regular tipper but you always eat there, then be prepared to have mucus in your food.

The debate has raged on for years. The problem though, is that in order to survive the slot attendant needs to receive tips.. Did the slot attendant pitch in on the money I put in the machine? No. The customer then thinks they won because the slot attendant pointed them too the machine originally. Image Credit: (Flickr/sophistechate)

Become A Slot Tech In Las Vegas

All Day Long Buffets In Las Vegas

Many people who like to tip say “well the slot attendant pointed out the good machines too use”. Many people feel if they hit a jackpot, regardless of the size, they should tip the slot attendant because he or she was the one that paid out the jackpot. These people feel that the only thing the slot attendant did is put a ticket in the machine and count out your cash.

Their have been casinos in the past that have tried a no tipping policy. They point many customers to many different machines. I don’t think so.

As for the other casino staff such as cocktail waitresses and blackjack dealers, if you tip or not is up too you. It is all luck.

If you go to the same casino to play on a regular basis, a repeat customer, then you should always tip the slot attendants. They can get you paid out faster, and they will let the cocktail waitresses know that you tip so your drinks will come more often without waiting.

If I have to tip a slot attendant to keep him or her happy then I will simply spend my money elsewhere. Did the slot attendant give me money last week when I lost money?

A slot attendant always needs to be polite and courteous to players regardless of whether they receive a tip or not. The cocktail waitresses, the slot attendants, and all other casino personnel have no incentive to be friendly, prompt, and courteous to the casino patrons.

It is a scam. I may have lost $700 before I won the jackpot.

If you win a jackpot and don’t tip the slot attendant, and then receive poor and rude service from the slot attendant, quit playing. The slot attendants do not know any better then you do which gaming machines are the best too use.

In todays world the casino could just as easily have the machine spit out a ticket and then I could take it to the cashiers’ cage to redeem my earnings.

Others suggest that tipping the slot attendant is a waste of money and will never do it

Betting On UFC Fights – InfoBarrel

They give you fake money but they give real cash prizes for the best bettors. Make sure online betting is legal where you live before joining their sites. Good luck and have fun!

Register For Free Fantasy MMA

As the UFC continues to grow in popularity, it’s quickly becoming one of the more popular sporting events to bet on as well. Just start a pool and have everyone throw a few bucks into the pot and whoever gets the most fights correct wins the pot. Check it out, it’s hard not to like it.

Visit Real Betting Sites . It’s really popular, really fun, and extremely addicting. Over the last few years there has been an increase in demand for betting sites to include every UFC event, and even some of the smaller venues like StrikeForce and WEC. There’s even a forum to discuss fight predictions.

The UFC is fun enough to watch as it is, but when you start getting more involved in the fighters and start feeling the urge to bet on them, it becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. There are also in-betweens that you don’t have to put any real money down, but you could win real money or other prizes.

One thing to keep in mind though is that betting is not legal everywhere. You can even have people pick which round the fight ends or how it ends to make sure you don’t have more than one winner at a time. This article will give you a few options to get you started. Just register a free account at and start making bets and wagers on upcoming UFC fights. Some sites will have you bet for fun, while others allow you to put real money down and offer betting odds. After you register, take a few minutes to find a team, or “camp”, that way you guys can give each other advice on who to bet on.

Start A Pool With Friends And Co-Workers

This is always fun, as long as you have enough people in your area that watch UFC events. Betting on UFC events can be extremely addicting since the UFC holds events year round and at least once a month, that’s why I prefer the fantasy MMA…you never have to worry about running your bank account dry.

If you’re looking to make some good old fashioned real bets, there’s quite a few sites out there that could fit your needs. These sites require you to bet your own real money so you can win real money. It pretty much is just what the URL implies, an MMA Playground. This is always fun but sometimes you just can’t find enough people that watch UFC to join in.

This site is great for newbies or those who just don’t want to throw down any money of their own. Just do a quick search for the most popular sports betting sites and chances are the top results will have MMA betting included.

If you’re looking for ways to bet on UFC events, read on

Casino-Gaming :: Video Poker |

Even in a live dealer online casino a player is at the whim of the online dealer and all of the real players that join. There is absolutely no wait time while the new hand is dealt. You never have to wait in line to play, or wait for a dealer to sit down to begin playing. Or even worse, wait for some inexperienced player to figure out what they are doing. Now you may be wondering what Video Poker has to do with slot machines, but the truth is that the two are very similar. They both have the same type of gaming interface and both are fairly easy to play. In fact, in many ways it is much better than a traditional Poker game because it can be played much faster. Video Poker is at the whim of the player playing the game anytime, anywhere, and any place.

But for many there is only one answer to a slot machine fix and that is Video Poker. Most of the time that is a good thing, unless you are just anti-social (which isn’t bad either).

There are those that will always love their slot machines, but if the urge strikes Video Poker, even just a little, is a great distraction-and you might never go back.

For example, the online Poker world is one of convenience in and of itself. These are great days for simple slot machines. But the Video Poker aficionado can certainly tell you that the two are very far from the same.

Video Poker takes away all of these elements, yet provides the player with the exact same game. In a full on Poker game, be it at a live dealer online casino where there is a real person there dealing the cards, along with real players, or at a computer generated online Poker game there is the expectation that you will have to interact with someone at some point of the game. A player has to really be on their toes if they are trying to play quickly because it can be overwhelming if someone isn’t paying attention.

There are many out there among you, myself included, that at times simply want to sit down at the computer and play a thoughtless game that has a little kick to it to make my day a little more exciting. Let me clarify. If you really want to get fancy you can go from a three reel machine into the five reel machines, or more, and maybe make things a little more exciting.. Video Poker is for the Poker enthusiast that doesn’t really want to get involved in a full blown Poker game but also wants elements of the excitement that goes along with a great Poker game

Horse Race Betting – 10 Golden Rules by Roger Knight

Be prepared to stop and take stock. Keep a check on yourself and always try to be honest if you ever feel that betting is running away with you. Don’t bet on whims. If you’ve followed the other rules ‘though you won’t gave got into a situation where you are painfully losing money. Just that you can afford to lose it if the worst should happen. Experiment to find the approaches that work for your betting and then spend enough time with them to let them work over time. An approach that works for one punter may not work for another. Your bets should be guided by the VALUE that you can get from a win. Take time to analyse an unexpected defeat and you may well see that a good opportunity is still just around the corner whilst the less wise majority have given up on him. . You can profit from the folly of others.

When using any horse racing system or horse racing tips, here are ten rules that will put more money in your pocket and keep it out of the hands of the bookies.

Betting on situations when you have an emotional envolvement is to be avoided at all costs. 9) Plot a strategy

I said in part one that you shouldn’t bet with emotion. Better still ‘though, cut out the “fun” bets altogether. If you are following a really good race horse that gives you great expectations and he meets an unexpected defeat, don’t let that one event put you off backing him in the future. If you can use a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or similar then that can help you to easily analyse profitable statistics. However, there are opportunities when you can see that others are doing exactly that.

In times when everyone is looking for instant gratification there are plenty of times where punters are too easily deceived by a single good performance. It infuriates punters, but they only have themselves to blame. Not just what you think is the likelihood of a win. You may make a modest profit this time but betting this way over the longer period will never bring you a consistent profit. When things go wrong – as sometimes they WILL then you will live to fight another day.

There is more than one way to win in betting. At the same time, however, do not close you mind to other possibilities. Ultimately there’s far more fun in consistently winning than haphazardly losing.

To put it another way – just know when to STOP. You can start to build up a picture of the bets that work for you and those that don’t. Week in week out, favourites that have been beaten last time out come home on their next outing. Often the press will start writing up the chances of a two year old racehorse for the following year’s Derby or Guineas after only one or two good performances. Without keeping records you are shooting in the dark. However much you may feel you are on to “a good thing”, only ever commit a small proportion of your available funds to it. Among the free systems we’ll send you from you may well find two or more methods that, when combined together, give you the magic edge.

On soccer, London teams are often at shorter prices than the should be simply because so many of the country’s fans live in the capital and will emotionally back their home sides. It doesn’t mean you have to be happy to lose it. It is regarded as highly unlikely that the moon will crash into the earth tomorrow – but it is not impossible. On race day however, you may well find better value with other runners.

If you study probability you will learn that absolutely NOTHING is impossible. The odds of winning the UK national lottery are 14,000,000 to one – but almost every week someone wins it. Also, there’s no thrill in putting your financeal future, or even your family’s financial future on the line.

As I said in part 1, there is no such thing as a certainty. No matter how big a cert something looks, never bet your last penny on it. If you ever feel you need councelling help to get back in control, take it sooner rather than later.

10) Enjoy your betting

If everyone else knows what you know then you can be sure the prices for your “sure bet” will be at their lowest. It also means you won’t have the possibility of a double disappointment if your favourite team loses and you also lose a bet.

That should be blindingly obvious – but sadly too many amateur punters just take a risk, hoping that this one will be the big win they need. If you want to watch a race or a match for the enjoyment of the game then do that without betting on it. Look for horse races or other bets where you think the odds on offer are more than they should be for the true likelihood of winning – call these “Value Horses” – and you’ll have profits to be proud of over the longer term.

3) Be flexible in your approach

Get a strategy and stick to it. Otherwise your betting will go nowhere.

4) Keep a record of your bets

6) Bet only in situations where you think you have an edge.

8) Look for situations where others are betting emotionally.

7) Don’t let strange results throw you.

2) Remember there are no certainties.

Once you start staking amounts you can’t afford to lose your judgement will inevitably be affected. So you need to make sure you are not thrown by turnarounds you were not expecting. Betting should be a pleasure – but not an adrenaline rush. There are many approaches you can study to back, lay, trade, arbitrage, bet in running, use software to enhance trading or staking. The most successful punters have no emotional involvement in the outcome of a sport. So punters will then start backing ante-post on emotion only. The only way to stand a chance of winning over the long term is to have a consistent plan and to use a dedicated betting bank that contains no more money than you would be prepared to lose entirely in the worst of circumstances.

5) Don’t bet on emotion

If you place small bets for fun on weekdays then at least try to take your weekend bets as a serious business with heavier wagers. That doesn’t mean you should be inflexible but do bet in a structured way.

Keeping records is ESSENTIAL. Of course it’s tough to have to write down those painful losing bets when you’d prefer to forget them, but if you want to make a long-term success of betting you need a record of your failures as well as your successes. It should be obvious, but never bet on your favourite soccer team just because you are desperate to see them win. Scientists only talk in probabilities. If not then at the very least a dedicated paper notebook should be there to do the job.

1) Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Decide on the maximum wager you feel comfortable with. A long losing run tells you you should change your system

Learn How Void Bets Decrease Chances of Losses in Online Sports Betting

But, the popularity of bookies has decreased significantly and today online betting is the thing everyone is running after.

What is a Void Bet?

Void bet refers to the situation in which the amount of money put at stake as it is without deducting or adding any amount. At that time, people could place bets on any match taking place in any part of the world with the help of bookies in neighborhood (A bookie is the person who accepts cash bets and then pays off to the one who wins the bet). As years passed, sports betting became a popular thing and bets were placed at a large scale. In the earlier times, people used to watch sports and put wager on the outcome in small groups. But, for your assistance we list some of the advantages of void bets. There is no limitation on placing wagers through bookies in nearby areas only and you can virtually contact any dealer in any part of the world. Also, if you place a bet on a wrong player then these bets give you a chance to save your money. This trend of placing bets through bookie in nearby areas prevailed for long and we would like to mention that it exists even today. It is worth mentioning that void bets occur quite frequently and thus you should have an in depth understanding about the same.

. To increase the odds of winning money while betting on sports, you must be familiar with the system in all.

Anyone who wishes to analyze the pros and cons of any trend in the betting industry must have proper knowledge and experience. And then all the bets are declared as void.

Player Injury – When someone bets on a particular player and he gets injured while playing then it is a void bet.

Although there are plenty of things to learn but here we begin by introducing one of the most commonly used terms, that is, Void Bets. Since individuals from different parts of the world bet at one place, a uniform pattern is followed throughout. This swift growth has brought lovers of sports betting residing in different parts of the world together thereby bringing transparency in the system.

The only difference between traditional and online sports betting is the latter takes place over the Internet.

Situations for Void Bet

Changes in Timings – If a sports event does not get over within scheduled time then the money is returned as it is and the bet is declared as void.

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The author of this article owns a chain of online sports betting and loves to share his learnings with other players. If you wish to learn more about cricket fantasy or betting on football then visit

Advantages Void Bets

Introduction to Online Sports Betting

If you pay attention to the section above, we have mentioned that void bets occur in particular situations and these situations are:

The history of football betting dates back to the days when players actually started playing the game. Firstly, these bets help in reducing losses to great extent. To know more about this type of bet, visit sports betting websites and take a look at their rules and regulations.

Postponed Events – Many times, sports events are postponed due to one reason or the other Awarded Best Sportsbook

Trust, reliability and stability are among the biggest concerns for individuals who place bets on online sportsbooks. For the past decade, has solidified its relationship with their customers by setting the standards in these values. Even though many online sportsbooks have cut off U.S. With online gaming sites being criticized for their lack of commitment to the American market, has built 10 years of trust and dedication to their loyal customers in the United States.. These days, not only is online sports betting entertaining, it has become a part of mainstream culture. Sticking with a sportsbook that has been around for a while certain has its advantages. In the extremely competitive industry of online sports betting, sportsbooks have come and gone. takes a customer-first approach, creating an unparalleled online betting experience.

Online sports betting megacorp, wins Gambling Online Magazine award for “Best Overall Sportsbook”.

Over the past 10 years, has carved out a dynasty among the online sports betting world. Placing a sports wager on an online sportsbook that has slow pay-outs or poor customer service is something every sports fan tries to avoid.

The online gaming industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries on the Internet, rivaling even the most traditional of industries. Online sports wagering veteran, has recently received its well-deserved recognition as a powerhouse in the gaming industry by winning the award for Best Overall Sportsbook by Gambling Online Magazine.

While the sports betting industry has seen some changes, has experienced unprecedented growth. bettors, has continued to implement options in an effort to continue serving its members. adults place at least one wager with 35% of male college students betting on sports. Built on trust, strength, and tradition, has continued on its commitment as the definitive American sportsbook.

It’s hard enough choosing which sports teams to bet on. Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 U.S

How the Sports Betting Line is Made by RJ Bell

Also, adjustments are made after reading each team’s local newspapers to get a sense of what the coaches & players are thinking going into the game. People think it’s much more complicated, but it’s not.”

Once betting begins, sportsbooks can adjust the line at any time. Oddsmakers have to determine if any changes are necessary and send out an “adjusted line.”

How the Opening Line Is Made

A round-table discussion among the 4-5 oddsmakers involved in making the line for each sport is then conducted and a consensus line is decided upon by the Odds Director before it is released to the sportsbooks. Of course there is an entire method to the madness on how the opening line is created.

Why the Line Changes

Since the oddsmaker’s ultimate goal is equally dividing the betting action, public perception and betting patterns must be taken into account. Stated another way, they want to create a line that half the people find appealing to bet one way while the other half find it appealing to bet the other way (known as ‘dividing the action’). That is not the case at all – their intent is NOT to evenly split the ATS result between the teams; rather, their goal is to attract equal betting action on both sides. Of the 4-5 oddsmakers, generally the 2 most respected opinions are weighed more heavily by the Odds Director before he decides on the final line.

Individual books having players who consistently bet with certain tendencies (such as an extreme bias toward favorites or toward a certain popular team like USC)

Divided action means the sportsbook is guaranteed a profit on the game because of the fee charged to the bettor (called juice or vig – typically $11 bet to win $10). For example, the public might have heavy betting interest week after week on a popular college football team such as USC.

For example, if the pointspread on a game is 7 and most of the money is coming in on the underdog (taking the +7), sportsbooks will then move the number down to 6 ½ to try and attract money on the favorite.

“The #1 thing for us is to make a line for each game that creates good two-way action. This usually includes having up-to-date power ratings on each team. In doing so they attempt to make more attractive the team that is getting less action.

Experts working for the individual books having a strong opinion on the game

Once a game’s power rating based pointspread is determined, the oddsmaker will make adjustments to that line after considering each team’s most recent games played and previous games played against that opponent. In our extended interview, Seba explained that there are 4-5 oddsmakers assigned to make lines for each of the major sports (pro & college football and basketball; MLB, NHL, boxing, golf).

“You either have a passion for it or you don’t,” Seba said.

What Is the Line Trying to Accomplish?

The last step in the line-making process for each oddsmaker is taking one final look to determine whether or not the line “feels right.” This is where common sense and past experience with how games are bet enters into the picture. By necessity their approach is very research-oriented and concise, since with millions of dollars at risk there is little margin for error. The power ratings are adjusted after each game a team plays.

There is a common misconception that point spreads represent the oddsmakers’ prediction of how many points the favorite will win by.

The opening line is the first line created by the oddsmakers, which is then sent out to sportsbooks.

Las Vegas Sports Consultants (LVSC) is the world’s premier oddsmaking company and the most respected authority on making the lines.

“The main objective is that our clients get equal action on both sides,” Seba said. Examples of non-game factors that would require an adjustment to a team’s power rating are key player injuries and player trades. . We do this by drawing from past experiences and applying them to current situations. If an oddsmaker comes up with a preliminary line of USC -7, then an adjustment up to -7.5 or -8 would be made in response to the public’s expected USC bias. By moving the line, sportsbooks can influence how the public bets on a particular game. RJ Bell

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The purpose of these adjustments, like all line adjustments, is to more equally divide the betting action. Each of these oddsmakers bring unique opinions, strengths and weaknesses to the process. “We’re not trying to pick the team that covers the spread, we’re trying to make it a coin flip, a tough decision (for the bettor). Reasons for such adjustments include:

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Oddsmakers can also change the line depending on various event-related factors such as player injuries or weather.

Once the opening line is released by LVSC, the individual sportsbooks decide if they want to make any adjustments before offering it to the public. If we’ve done that, we’ve done our job.”

Moving the line is the oddsmaker’s effort to balance betting action, and often times such moves can have a major impact on a bettor’s decision.

Power ratings are the oddsmaker’s value of each team and are used as a guide to calculate a “preliminary” pointspread on an upcoming game. Seba explained that it all starts with each oddsmaker creating a line on each game based upon their own personal approach.

Oddsmakers at LVSC are professional sports junkies who love what they do and would probably do it for nothing if you asked them, but they do get paid for it. Obviously, if the line comes out a week ahead of the event (which is the case in football), there is much that could happen during the week leading up to the event that could affect the line. Mike Seba is a Senior Oddsmaker at LVSC and has been making lines for the last six years